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SMC Pneumatics Cảm biến áp suất khí PF2M750-C6-A-M_PF2M7 Series 2-Color Display Digital Flow Switch.
  • Part Number:PF2M750-C6-A-M
  • Manufactured by SMC
Specifications: PF2M7 Series 2-Color Display Digital Flow Switch
●A 2 to 200 L/min flow range option has been added. [New]
●A rear ported type has been added. [New]
●A flow adjustment valve (0.05 to 5 L/min) has been added. [New]
●Dry air, N2, Ar, CO2
●Wide range of flow measurement with one product
Flow ratio 100:1, Smallest settable increment: 0.01 L/min
●IO-Link compatible
●Improved drainage and resistance to foreign matter
●Compact, Lightweight
Field Value Value Details
Type 7 Integrated Display
Rated Flow Range (Flow Range) 50 0.5~50L/min
Flow Adjustment Valve - Flow Adjustment Valve: None;Piping Entry Direction: Straight
Port Size C6 Φ6mm
Output Specifications A OUT1:NPN;OUT2:NPN
Option 1 - Lead Wire With Connector (2 m)
Unit Specifications M SI Unit Only
Option 2 - Without Bracket
Calibration Certificate - Without Calibration Certificate

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