SMC Pneumatics Xy lanh khí CDUJB8-6D_CUJ Series Mini Free Mount Cylinder.
  • Part Number:CDUJB8-6D
  • Manufactured by SMC
Specifications: CUJ Series Mini Free Mount Cylinder
●Space-saving cylinder reduces the total length by 64% and capacity
 by 70% compared to the CU series
●With auto switch (Series CDUJ: CDUJ)
Field Value Value Details
With Auto Switch(Built-in Magnet) D With Auto Switch
Mounting B Basic (Through-hole)
Bore Size 8 Bore Size 8 mm
Cylinder Stroke 6 Standard Stroke 6 mm
Action D Double Acting
Rod End Thread - Rod End Female Thread (Without Thread For Φ4)
Auto Switch - Without Auto Switch
Number Of Auto Switches - 2 pcs. Or None
Made To Order - Standard

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