MTX series

Diaphragm metering pump
MT series 
  • Covering the entire pump with plastic reduces rust and corrosion caused by chemical solutions.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of chemicals thanks to a rich lineup of materials
  • Improved ratchet mechanism improves quality
  • Chemical injection for waste liquid treatment in various factories
  • Chemical injection for plating, chemical factories, mining industry, etc.
  • Ph automatic control and chemical injection for filtration pre-treatment plants, etc.
Model pressure Discharge rate (50Hz) Discharge rate (60Hz) weight
MTX-50 1.0MPa 5~50mL/min 6~60mL/min 11kg
MTX-100 1.0MPa 10~100mL/min 12~120mL/min 11kg
MTX-250 0.7MPa 25~250mL/min 30~300mL/min 12kg
MTX-500 0.7MPa 50~500mL/min 60~600mL/min 12kg
MTX-1000 0.5MPa 100~1000mL/min 120~1200mL/min 13kg
MTX-2000 0.5MPa 200~2000mL/min 240~2400mL/min 13kg
MTX-3000 0.3MPa 300~3000mL/min 360~3600mL/min 15kg

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