SMC Pneumatics Xy lanh khí MXH6-5Z_ MXH-Z Series Compact Slide.
  • Part Number:MXH6-5Z
  • Manufactured by SMC
Specifications: MXH-Z Series Compact Slide
●Allowable moment Improved by up to 240%
●With new high rigidity linear guide Allowable moment improvement illustrated below
●The weight has been reduced by incorporating a new high rigidity linear guide and piston
  Weight: 19% reduced (Φ20 -10 stroke)
●Piping is possible in 3 directions
Field Value Value Details
Bore Size 6 Bore Size 6 mm
Cylinder Stroke 5 Standard Stroke 5 mm
Auto Switch - Without Auto Switch (Built-In Magnet)
Number Of Auto Switches - 2 pcs. Or None
Made To Order - Standard

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