SMC Pneumatics Xy lanh bàn trượt MXS12-20AS_ MXS Series Air Slide Table.
  • Part Number:MXS12-20AS
  • Manufactured by SMC
Specifications: MXS Series Air Slide Table
●Integrated with a worktable in a compact manner
●An air slide table that is ideal for precision assembly work
●High rigidity and high accuracy
●A smooth movement without looseness has been achieved through the adoption of a cross roller guide
●Compact and lightweight
●Provides twice the output of a conventional cylinder through the adoption of the dual rod function
Field Value Value Details
Bore Size 12 Bore Size 12 mm
Port Thread Type - M Thread(Φ6~Φ16),Rc(Φ20~Φ25)
Cylinder Stroke 20 Standard Stroke 20 mm
Adjuster Option AS Extension end adjuster
Functional Option - Standard
Auto Switch - Without Auto Switch
Number Of Auto Switches - 2 pcs. Or None
Made To Order - Standard

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